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17 December 2012 A new species of Carlephyton (Araceae) from northern Madagascar with notes on the species of this genus
Josef Bogner, Louis Nusbaumer
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A new aroid species endemic to northern Madagascar, Carlephyton darainense, is described and illustrated. The new species differs from the similar C. madagascariense by the male flowers with laxly arranged synandria, each consisting of two stamens with the filaments basally connate but apically free and turned horizontally, and a long cylindric style in the female flowers, whereas in C. madagascariense the male flowers have densely arranged synandria, each consisting of two to six completely connate stamens, and a short conical style in female flowers. The distribution and ecology of C. darainense are briefly discussed, a comparison with the three other species of the genus and a key to all four species are included.

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© 2012 BGBM Berlin-Dahlem.
Josef Bogner and Louis Nusbaumer "A new species of Carlephyton (Araceae) from northern Madagascar with notes on the species of this genus," Willdenowia 42(2), 209-217, (17 December 2012).
Published: 17 December 2012
Carlephyton darainense
Carlephyton madagascariense
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