This is the sixth of a series of miscellaneous contributions, by various authors, where hitherto unpublished data relevant to the Euro Med (or Sisyphus) Project are presented. This instalment deals with the families Cyatheaceae, Pteridaceae and Gramineae, including new country and area records for taxa of Avena, Bromus, Chloris, Eleusine, Eragrostis, Nassella, Paspalum, Sphaeropteris, Sporobolus, and the validation of names in the genus Allosorus.

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"Euro Med Notulae, 6," Willdenowia 42(2), 283-285, (17 December 2012). https://doi.org/10.3372/wi.42.42214
Published: 17 December 2012
Atlantic archipelagoes
Mediterranean area
vascular plants
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