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7 December 2013 Coccoloba berazainae and C. cristalensis (Polygonaceae) from Cuba, a new species and a new combination
Idelfonso Castañeda-Noa
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Coccoloba berazainae, a new species from E Cuba, is described, illustrated and compared with another Cuban endemic species, C. acuna. The status of C. nervosa subsp. cristalensis, also endemic to E Cuba, is discussed. It is compared with typical C. nervosa, raised in rank, and treated as a separate species, C. cristalensis.

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Idelfonso Castañeda-Noa "Coccoloba berazainae and C. cristalensis (Polygonaceae) from Cuba, a new species and a new combination," Willdenowia 43(2), 319-323, (7 December 2013).
Published: 7 December 2013
C. nervosa
Coccoloba acuna
West Indies
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