Volume 19, No. 2 (2002), In the article “Ascidian Sperm Lysin System” by Hitoshi Sawada, page 139–151. for the readerís convenience, the corrections appear as follows;

page 143, Fig.3, line 5

… of ascidian acrosin were indicated by violet,…

(correct) … of ascidian acrosin are indicated by violet,…

page 143, Fig.3, line 6

Potential N-glycosylation sites were indicated by brown.

(correct) Potential N-glycosylation sites are indicated by brown.

page 150, REFERENCES

Rumke P (1954)

(correct) Rümke P (1954)

page 151, REFERENCES; Tranter R, Read JA, Jones R, Brady RL (2000)

… mammalian sperm ?-acrosin.

(correct) … mammalian sperm ß-acrosin.

"Ascidian Sperm Lysin System," Zoological Science 19(3), 383, (1 March 2002). https://doi.org/10.2108/0289-0003-19.3.383
Published: 1 March 2002
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