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27 September 2022 Functional Analysis of a Juvenile Hormone Inducible Transcription Factor, Krüppel homolog 1, in the Bean Bug, Riptortus pedestris
Li Dong, Nobuki Muramatsu, Hideharu Numata, Chihiro Ito
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Juvenile hormone (JH) has two major functions in insects, i.e., suppression of metamorphosis in the larval or nymphal stage and promotion of reproduction in the adult stage. Krüppel homolog 1 (Kr-h1), a C2H2 zinc-finger type transcription factor, is reported to act downstream of the JH receptor complex. In the present study, the function of Kr-h1 was examined in adults and nymphs of Riptortus pedestris by RNA interference (RNAi). After injection of adults with dsRNA of Kr-h1, the expression level of Kr-h1 was significantly decreased in the abdomen. Kr-h1 dsRNA-injection resulted in a lower proportion of individuals with developed ovaries, but the difference was not statistically significant. The transcript levels of cyanoprotein-α and vitellogenin-1, which are JH-inducible genes encoding yolk proteins, were not affected in the abdomen by Kr-h1 knockdown. Kr-h1 dsRNA-injection was effective for suppression of Kr-h1 expression in nymphs. Some Kr-h1 dsRNA-injected fifth (final) instar nymphs had morphological defects in the wing bud. Moreover, they had several adult morphological features, including ocelli in the head, connexivum in the abdomen, coloring of the dorsal abdomen, and genitals. The nymphs possessing adult features did not emerge as adults during 1 month. These results demonstrated that Kr-h1 is necessary for maintaining nymphal characters in R. pedestris. The function of Kr-h1 in ovarian development remains unclear in R. pedestris.

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Li Dong, Nobuki Muramatsu, Hideharu Numata, and Chihiro Ito "Functional Analysis of a Juvenile Hormone Inducible Transcription Factor, Krüppel homolog 1, in the Bean Bug, Riptortus pedestris," Zoological Science 39(6), 562-569, (27 September 2022).
Received: 6 March 2022; Accepted: 28 July 2022; Published: 27 September 2022
JH-inducible gene
juvenile hormone
ovarian development
precocious metamorphosis
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