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Description and Phylogeny of a New Species of Andean Lizard (Gymnophthalmidae: Cercosaurinae) from the Huancabamba Depression

Omar Torres-Carvajal, Pablo J. Venegas, Pedro M. Sales Nunes

Caveats of fungal barcoding: a case study in Trametes (Basidiomycota: Polyporales) in Vietnam reveals multiple issues with mislabelled reference sequences and calls for third-party annotations

Robert Lücking, Ba Vuong Truong, Dang Thi Thu Huong, Ngoc Han Le, Quoc Dat Nguyen, Van Dat Nguyen, Eckhard Von Raab-Straube, Sarah Bollendorff, Kim Govers, Vanessa Di Vincenzo

Ex Uno Plures? Morphotype and Lineage Diversity of Bothriocephalus (Cestoda: Bothriocephalidea) in North American Freshwater Fishes

Anindo Choudhury, Tomáš Scholz

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