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Subscriptions to BioOne Complete are available to academic institutions, non-academic organizations, corporations, and government agencies. Pricing is based on a tiered system according to FTE, and discounts are available for consortial purchases and multi-year subscriptions.

Although BioOne does not offer individual subscriptions, article abstracts and references are freely available, and many of our society publishers provide their members with free access to their journals in BioOne Complete. The majority of BioOne Complete titles also offer articles for one-time (pay-per-view) purchase.

Subscriptions and Renewals

For renewal questions, pricing information, or to request a free trial please contact or the account manager for your region.

Regional Account Managers

United States & Canada

Chelsea Tharp
Associate Sales and Operations Manager
7 Bulfinch Place, Suite 202
Boston, MA 02114

Phone: + 617 395 4012

Europe, Africa, & Middle East

Rameez Ali
Regional Sales Manager
8100 Alec Issigonis Way
Oxford Business Park North
Oxford, OX4 2HU
United Kingdom

Phone: + 44 1865 397 862

Asia & Australasia (Excluding India)

Sarah Zhao
Regional Sales Manager
Li Shui Jiayuan
Chaoyang Park South Road,
Beijing 100026 PR

Phone: +86 135010 32027


Dilip Kumar Jha
Regional Sales Manager
Plot Np. 692, Block-A
Ashok Vatika, Devli Road
Kanpur, New Delhi 110062

Phone: +91 9891096706

Southern Latin America

Joao Marcos Abreu
Regional Sales Manager
Av Vice Presidente José de Alencar 1515-BL
6/601, Rio de Janeiro - RJ 22775-033

Phone: + 55 21 99226-1073

Northern Latin America

Alexis Kolbin
Regional Sales Manager
Oriente 9 No. 11 Int. 201 Col. Isidro Fabela,
Tlalpan, Ciudad de México. C.P. 14030

Phone: +52 55 6365 2292

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