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13 July 2019 Additions to the Bryoflora of Switzerland
Thomas Kiebacher, Markus Meier, Arnold Büschlen, Norbert Schnyder
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Kiebacher, T., Meier, M., Büschlen, A. & Schnyder, N. 2019. Additions to the bryoflora of Switzerland. – Herzogia 32: 136 –153.

Recent bryological research in Switzerland revealed a number of noteworthy findings. Most of these were gathered in the course of work on a new red list of bryophytes for Switzerland which will be published in 2020. Four species, Bryum austriacum, Leptophascum leptophyllum, Racomitrium nivale and Schistidium venetum are recorded for the first time for the territory and Cnestrum alpestre, Orthothecium chryseon, Orthotrichum urnigerum, Seligeria brevifolia, Tortula laureri and Ulota macrospora were re-located after more than 50 years. Furthermore, we report recent and historical occurrence data for species formerly included in different taxonomical units, namely, Brachythecium udum, Plagiothecium handelii and the species of the Brachythecium cirrosum and Ulota crispa complexes. Our findings are important for species-conservation perspectives. Especially the records of Bryum austriacum and Racomitrium nivale are internationally relevant. Switzerland bears a high responsibility for the conservation of these species.

Thomas Kiebacher, Markus Meier, Arnold Büschlen, and Norbert Schnyder "Additions to the Bryoflora of Switzerland," Herzogia 32(1), 136-153, (13 July 2019).
Accepted: 10 April 2019; Published: 13 July 2019
biodiversity monitoring
Bryum austriacum
Racomitrium nivale
Red List
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