Journal of Vertebrate Biology
Hazel dormice use reed beds for nocturnal activity and daytime resting
VOL. 73 | NO. 23118
May 2024
Oogenesis, spermatogenesis and spermiation structures in Lake Tanganyika Synodontis species (Mochokidae, Telostei: Siluriformes)
VOL. 73 | NO. 24023
April 2024
Maternity roosts of the giant noctule, Nyctalus lasiopterus, in preserved and disturbed forests of the Western Carpathians
VOL. 73 | NO. 24022
April 2024
Mitochondrial genomes for the Afrobatrachian Hyperolius substriatus (Anura: Hyperoliidae) obtained from museum specimens
VOL. 73 | NO. 24009
April 2024
Vigour-related traits of gibel carp (Carassius gibelio): do they represent reproduction-associated costs facilitating the coexistence of asexual and sexual forms?
VOL. 73 | NO. 24005
April 2024
Habitat preferences of European turtle dove Streptopelia turtur in the Czech Republic: implications for conservation of a rapidly declining farmland species
VOL. 73 | NO. 24004
April 2024
Seasonal changes in forest road use by mammals in a heavy snowfall area, north-eastern Japan: effects of management intensities
VOL. 73 | NO. 24001
April 2024
Schindleria nana, a new extremely progenetic gobiid fish species (Teleostei: Gobiiformes: Gobiidae) from Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia
VOL. 73 | NO. 23112
April 2024
Four hundred years of studying and collecting African mammals: a review of Italian contributions to African mammalogy
VOL. 73 | NO. 23110
April 2024
Low breeding synchrony of great reed warbler hosts in warmer springs does not increase their susceptibility to common cuckoo parasitism
VOL. 73 | NO. 23108
April 2024
Drive counts fail to accurately estimate the population sizes of wild ungulates
VOL. 73 | NO. 24002
March 2024
Signs of foraging by wild boar as an indication of disturbance to ground-nesting birds
VOL. 73 | NO. 23103
March 2024
Social media and genetic evidence demonstrate the expansion of an invasive fish in India
VOL. 73 | NO. 23087
March 2024
Egg rejection from dark cavities: compensation for chromatic changes in nest illumination by a cuckoo host
VOL. 73 | NO. 23086
March 2024
Carnivore interactions shape leopard presence
VOL. 73 | NO. 23084
February 2024
Migration and daily flight activity patterns in the barred warbler Curruca nisoria over the annual cycle
VOL. 73 | NO. 23085
January 2024
Is reproductive management for oestrus detection a stressful routine for female European mink (Mustela lutreola)?
VOL. 73 | NO. 23082
January 2024
Two new species of wood lizards (Hoplocercinae: Enyalioides) from Cordillera de Colán in north-eastern Peru
VOL. 73 | NO. 23074
January 2024
VOL. 73 | NO. 23073
January 2024
An investigation into the possibilities of sex and age determination of Eurasian woodcock (Scolopax rusticola L.) based on biometric parameters, using conditional inference trees and minimal important differences
VOL. 73 | NO. 23068
January 2024
Rank-dependency of major urinary protein excretion in two house mouse subspecies
VOL. 73 | NO. 23046
January 2024
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