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20 December 2011 FloraGREIF — virtual guide and plant database as a practical approach to the flora of Mongolia
Sabrina Rilke, Ulrike Najmi
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FloraGREIF is a web-based collaborative project on the flora of Mongolia. It presents a plant database and a virtual herbarium as an introduction to the flora of Mongolia and intends to be used as a digital information system providing taxonomic and biogeographical data. Moreover, it offers a virtual research environment which allows scientific online cooperation. This project refers to the ongoing long-term research cooperation between Germany and Mongolia. It brings together large herbarium collections and modern online communication facilities. The website is a dynamic system with two basic hierarchy levels. On the record level, as many records as possible for a taxon are included. A record is represented by location data, digital scans of herbarium specimens and images of living plants and their habitats. The taxon level presents information about a taxon such as short morphological description, taxonomic comments and hints for reliable identification. Plant data can be explored in a targeted way using various aspects as well as by browsing through the material to obtain an overview. The information can be downloaded at any time and place.

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© 2011 BGBM Berlin-Dahlem.
Sabrina Rilke and Ulrike Najmi "FloraGREIF — virtual guide and plant database as a practical approach to the flora of Mongolia," Willdenowia 41(2), 371-379, (20 December 2011).
Published: 20 December 2011

biodiversity informatics
digital herbarium specimens
plant identification
plant photo database
virtual research environment
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