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7 December 2013 A new record and new combination for Dolomiaea (Compositae, Cardueae) in China
You-Sheng Chen, Eckhard Von Raab-Straube
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A plant previously known as Jurinea taraxacifolia, described from Myanmar, was recently discovered on the Chinese side of the Gaoligong Shan, the long N-S mountain range on the border between Myanmar and China. This taxon is transferred from Jurinea to Dolomiaea on account of its naked receptacle and brownish pappus bristles. It is compared with morphologically similar taxa. A detailed description and illustration of the species are provided for the first time.

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You-Sheng Chen and Eckhard Von Raab-Straube "A new record and new combination for Dolomiaea (Compositae, Cardueae) in China," Willdenowia 43(2), 287-291, (7 December 2013).
Published: 7 December 2013
Dolomiaea taraxacifolia
Gaoligong Shan
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