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7 December 2013 Two new species of Polyspora (Theaceae) from Vietnam and new combinations for some Asian species
George Orel, Peter G. Wilson, Anthony S. Curry, Hong Truong Luu
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Two new species of Theaceae from Vietnam, Polyspora nivea and P. ampla, are described and illustrated. Although showing close affinities with other Vietnamese species of Polyspora, the new taxa possess a number of fundamental morphological dissimilarities, which are here evaluated and discussed. The morphological evidence for the two new taxa supports taxonomic placement in the genus Polyspora. In addition, 23 new combinations are made for Asian species of Polyspora.

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George Orel, Peter G. Wilson, Anthony S. Curry, and Hong Truong Luu "Two new species of Polyspora (Theaceae) from Vietnam and new combinations for some Asian species," Willdenowia 43(2), 301-308, (7 December 2013).
Published: 7 December 2013
south-east Asia
Tam Dao
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