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The Eagle Hill Institute is a 501(c)(3) scientific and literary nonprofit organization which is dedicated to contributing to a greater interest in scholarly and educational pursuits, especially in the natural history sciences. It maintains an interdisciplinary focus in order to better understand complex relationships among disciplines. Its mission is international in scope. In pursuing its mission, the Institute recognizes that greater interests in scholarly and educational pursuits is something that everyone benefits from.

The Eagle Hill Institute (formerly the Humboldt Field Research Institute) is located on the eastern coast of Maine and is perhaps best known for the advanced natural history science seminars and scientific illustration workshops it has offered since 1987. Its commitments expanded over time to include the publication of 3 peer-reviewed scientific journals. The Northeastern Naturalist and Southeastern Naturalist are tandem natural history science journals for eastern North America, while the Journal of the North Atlantic is a circum-North Atlantic archaeology and environmental history journal. The Institute is developing a 4th journal, Space and Evolution, which will serve as an international forum for specialists involved in furthering humankind’s efforts to explore Space and settle off-Earth Space. Other efforts of the Institute include a public library collection, a residency program for scholars and scientific illustrators, the annual Northeast Natural History Conference, occasional expeditions into the Orinoco region of Venezuela, and public lecture programs.

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