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The Mammal Society of Japan (MSJ) was established in 1987 by uniting two academic organizations, the Mammalogical Society of Japan and the Research Group of Mammalogists, which were founded in 1949 and 1955, respectively. There is, however, evidence of a number of Japanese mammalogists who organized an earlier meeting, in 1923. Therefore, we celebrated the 90th anniversary of the founding of MSJ on 25th January, 2013.

The mission of the society is not only to promote the global advance of the science of mammalogy, but also to encourage social interactions among our members. The society currently enrolls over 1,100 members, including students and amateurs.

The society convenes an annual meeting and publishes two journals. Mammal Study is the society’s flagship publication and is published quarterly, and contains articles written in English covering all aspects of mammalogy. The society also publishes Honyurui Kagaku [Mammalian Science] twice a year, written in Japanese. It is composed of research articles and related reports on theological discussion, study techniques, species collection data, species distribution information, and others.

The society’s annual meeting consists of academic sessions (symposia, oral presentations, and poster papers), workshops, and a business meeting. The society also recognizes a distinguished member by giving him/her the “MSJ Award” and grants the “Young Mammalogist Award” to a younger member showing high research activities. The annual meeting features memorial lectures by awardees.

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