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Since its establishment in 1938, the National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT) has been the recognized "leader in life science education." Thousands of educators have joined NABT to share experiences and expertise with colleagues from around the globe; keep up with trends and developments in the field; and grow professionally.

NABT Mission

The National Association of Biology Teachers empowers educators to provide the best possible biology and life science education for all students.

Our Values

As the recognized leader in life science education, the National Association of Biology Teachers represents and supports teachers, students, scientists, and allied professional organizations to enhance and improve biological literacy for all. We are committed to the professional growth and development of biology and life science educators.

  • We believe pedagogy should be learner-centered and reflect empirically tested best practices.
  • We affirm that all instructional content must be relevant and scientifically validated.
  • By empowering the individual educator and by fostering a supportive professional environment, we have created a community of educators who continually improve and enhance biology education.
  • We advocate as biology teachers on behalf of biology teachers, their students, and the profession.

Our Goals

  • To provide expertise and opportunities for members to enhance their professional performance.
  • To advocate the teaching and learning of the biological sciences based on the nature and methods of science and the best practices of education.
  • To attract and represent the full spectrum of educators in biology and the life sciences.
  • To operate with benchmark levels of organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

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