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The Spanish Society of Ornithology (SEO/BirdLife) is the pioneer of non-profit nature conservation and biodiversity organization in Spain. It was founded in 1954 in order to conserve wild birds and their habitats. For this purpose, according to its Bylaws and throughout 60 years of uninterrupted activity, SEO/BirdLife works to:

  • Conserve wild birds and their habitats within Spanish and, through BirdLife International, contribute to the conservation of global biodiversity.
  • Conduct scientific studies to increase knowledge of wild birds and their habitats as an indispensable tool for their conservation.
  • Disseminate knowledge among citizens, so that they will appreciate and respect birds, and nature in general.
  • Carry out associated environmental education and teacher training activities.
  • Support international development and cooperation as an essential part of the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in developing countries.
  • Run environmental volunteer programmes to improve the conservation status of species and natural areas.

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