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The Helminthological Society of Washington, the prototype scientific organization for parasitological research in North America was founded in 1910 by a devoted group of parasitologists in Washington, D.C. Forging a niche in national and international parasitology over the past century, the Society focuses on comparative research, emphasizing taxonomy, systematics, ecology, biogeography and faunal survey inventory within a morphological and molecular foundation. Interdisciplinary and crosscutting, comparative parasitology links contemporary biodiversity studies with historical approaches to biogeography, ecology and coevolution within a cohesive framework. Through its two meetings in the Washington, D.C. area annually, and via the peer-reviewed Comparative Parasitology (continuing the Journal of the Helminthological Society of Washington in its 67th volume), the Society actively supports and builds recognition for modern parasitological research. Taxonomic diversity represented in the pages of the Society's journal treats the rich helminth faunas in terrestrial and aquatic plants, invertebrates and vertebrates, as well as parasitic protozoa and arthropods. Parasitology, among the most integrative of the biological sciences, provides data critical to elucidation of general patterns of global biodiversity.

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