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The Ornithological Society of Japan was established on May 3, 1912. Three years later, the Society launched its first official journal, Tori. Then, in 1986, Tori was renamed the Japanese Journal of Ornithology. The Society is the only ornithological society in Japan and currently has approximately 1,300 members.

The main purposes and activities of the Society are the following:

  1. Publishing two official journals, the Japanese Journal of Ornithology (in Japanese), and Ornithological Science (in English). Editions of both journals are released twice each year. Therefore, the Society’s major scientific communications to its members appear quarterly. Both journals include full-length original papers, short communications, review papers, book reviews and miscellaneous reports from the Society.
  2. Holding an annual meeting. Participants can disseminate and discuss the results of their research in ornithology. Thus, these meetings facilitate the exchange of information among Society members.
  3. Holding seminars and symposia. These sessions are usually open to both society members and the general public, and thus help disseminate information on current research in ornithology to a wide audience.
  4. Publishing technical books and monographs. These specialist publications serve as a venue for the results and discussion of distinguished research. In the past, the Society has been involved with the publication of the following volumes: A Compendium of Ornithological Terms (2006, Dogura & Co., Ltd). The Checklist of Japanese Birds (revised 6th edition, 2000, Ornithological Society of Japan), Current Ornithology (1984, Asakura Publishing Co.), and The Birds of the South Kuriles (1979, Ornithological Society of Japan).
  5. Maintaining strong contacts and continual involvement with appropriate academic institutions and organizations in Japan and abroad.

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