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The Zoological Society of Southern Africa was originally formed with the vision of promoting zoology (through conferences and a scientific journal) across all sub-disciplines of southern Africa.

The main objectives of the society are:

  • To promote, facilitate and encourage Zoological research in southern Africa;
  • To preserve southern African fauna and to support legislation to this end, and, if necessary, to oppose legislation tending to have adverse effects thereon;
  • To be actively concerned with the welfare of animals; Co-ordination and Education;
  • To assist in the co-ordination of Zoological research in Southern Africa by means of congresses, meetings and publications covering current research work, and to have contact with foreign Zoological societies and international organizations dealing with Zoology, wherever possible;
  • To co-operate with public authorities and to act in an advisory capacity where asked to do so;
  • To stimulate public interest in Zoology by means of publications, meetings, Film shows and any other means;
  • Scientific Publications;
  • To publish a Zoological journal.

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