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Voices from Our Community

BioOne Complete provides libraries with cost-effective access to high-quality, curated research and independent society publishers with a dynamic, community-based platform and global distribution. Thank you to our library and publisher partners for sharing their valuable insight into how BioOne Complete supports their organizations.

Case Studies

"I would recommend BioOne Complete to any institution who, like us, is looking for a cost-effective means of accessing journals that meet an important niche requirement."

– Roger Pawson, Head of E-Resource Management

Case Study for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

"Based on the academic value, relevant subjects, and acceptable cost, we had to have this resource."

– Dong Yue, Librarian

Case Study for the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Library

“BioOne offered us the best mix of journals and, as we qualified for BioOne’s not-for-profit rates, the subscription was very cost effective.”

– Stephanie Sanderson, Executive Director

Case Study for the European Association of Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarians

“We are now saving a lot of lost research time by having instant access to so many relevant journals and interesting content in one comprehensive platform.”

– Huang Ying, Researcher

Case Study for the Institute of Animal and Plant Quarantine

"BioOne Complete includes journals from many smaller publishers and societies, which we would otherwise struggle to get access to. It would also be just too messy to acquire these journals individually.”

– Lee-Yen Han, Liaison Librarian, Biological and Environmental Sciences and Engineering (BESE) Division

Case Study for King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

“BioOne Complete is a good supplement for medical users and an important resource for researchers. More importantly, its quality can be trusted.”

– Qiu Xiaochun, Chief Librarian

Case Study for Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine

“With BioOne Complete there have been no concerns with the cost per download and even with the addition of new titles, the price isn’t impacted.”

— Amy Castillo, Manager, Electronic Resources and Scholarly Communication, Dick Smith Library

Case Study for Tarleton State University

"BioOne Complete offers the ability to acquire quality titles which would otherwise be difficult to get. [It] provides a cost-effective way to subscribe to bioscience titles and being well below the average inter-library loan cost, is very positive. If universities are looking for biology packages, then yes, I would recommend BioOne Complete.”

– George Meerburg, Bioscience Information Specialist

Case Study for University of Amsterdam

“Prior to acquiring BioOne Complete, we had some difficulties acquiring some specific journals as they were expensive. BioOne Complete enabled us to consolidate our holdings, providing access to many unique titles which are part of such a great collection. This also meant cost savings for the university.”

— David Frank, Deputy Head, University Library

Case Study for University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna

Library and Publisher Testimonials

"It’s incredibly encouraging to see that the Journal of Ethnobiology has doubled its royalties since joining the aggregation in 2007. We are so fortunate to have such a strong partnership with BioOne."
– Cynthia Fowler, Former President, Society of Ethnobiology

"At a small university, affordable, discipline-specific resources can be hard to come by. BioOne has answered an important research need for our active science department in an affordable way. Our faculty, staff, and students appreciate the easy-to-use interface and the diverse but relevant results. As a librarian, I highly recommend it."
– Pamela Maher, Library Director, Bibliothèque Louis-R.-Comeau, Université Sainte-Anne

"BioOne provides Al Ain Zoo with access to current research relevant to our business in wildlife medicine and conservation. BioOne hosts some of the best internationally-recognized journals, and the information we receive through the database is instrumental for wildlife conservation and other disciplines."
– Stephen Chege, Senior Veterinarian, Al Ain Zoo, United Arab Emirates

“It’s also about the ease of use of having one platform with all those different publishers and societies in one place, rather than having to go to different platforms to get that information.”
– Lee-Yen Han, Liaison Librarian, Biological and Environmental Sciences and Engineering (BESE) Division, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

"The access to a large number of less frequently used journals is also of great value, saving us a lot of time and often expense obtaining articles from journals we do not have in hard copy... we find BioOne of great use for our scientific research and a very reasonable cost compared to other electronic journal providers."
– Lizzie Atkinson, Librarian, BirdLife International

"We have been a subscriber and supporter of BioOne ever since 2004. It was a timely and highly appreciated solution... a firm 'must have' resource in our own digital library collection."
– Ralf Schimmer, Head of Scientific Information Provision, Max Planck Digital Library, Germany

"The BioOne academic level is outstanding, and in regard to the functionality, the content can be discovered easily and is convenient for the users."
– Qiu Xiaochun, Chief Librarian, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine

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