Ornithological Monographs
Ornithological Monographs was published by the American Ornithologists' Union through 2014. The Monographs included major papers and presentations too long for inclusion in the Union's journal, The Auk.
Ornithological Monographs
Most Read Chapters

Predictors of Juvenile Survival in Birds

Maness, Terri J., School of Biological Sciences, Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, Louisiana 71272, USA; and, et al. (2013)

Thomas R. Howell's Check-List of the Birds of Nicaragua as of 1993

Howell, Thomas R., Department of Biology, University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California 90024, USA, et al. (2010)

Avian Influenza in Wild Birds: Status as Reservoirs, and Risks to Humans and Agriculture

Clark, Larry, United States Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Wildlife Services, National Wildlife Research Center, 4101 La Porte Avenue, Fort Collins, Colorado 80521, USA, et al. (2006)

Introduction to the Skeleton of Hummingbirds (Aves: Apodiformes, Trochilidae) in Functional and Phylogenetic Contexts

Zusi, Richard L., Division of Birds, National Museum of Natural History, P.O. Box 37012, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. 20013, USA, et al. (2013)

Effects of Noise Pollution on Birds: A Brief Review of Our Knowledge

Ortega, Catherine P., Ecosphere Environmental Services, 776 E. Second Avenue, Durango, Colorado 81301, USA, et al. (2012)

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