In ‘Muratov, I.V. 2010. Terrestrial molluscs of Cabo Delgado and adjacent inland areas of north-eastern Mozambique. African Invertebrates 51 (2): 255–288’, it was discovered that one of the family names (Pomatiidae) in Table 2 on page 258 was misspelt as Pomatiasidae.

The corrected version of the relevant page is published on p. 230 of this article.

The author and editors apologize for this error.


Occurrences of species at nineteen stations in north-eastern Mozambique. Abbreviation: s/s — number of stations where species is present (collection lots).

"Erratum," African Invertebrates 52(1), 229-230, (1 June 2011).
Published: 1 June 2011
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