VOL. 69 · NO. 5 | August 2022

Research Paper
Jessica L. Williams, Dan Harley, Darcy Watchorn, Lachlan McBurney, David B. Lindenmayer
Australian Journal of Zoology 69 (5), 167-174, (20 June 2022) https://doi.org/10.1071/ZO21042 Open Access
KEYWORDS: body size, body weight, elevation, Leadbeater’s possum, sex, marsupial, Bergmann’s Rule, Victorian Central Highlands
Philippa A. McKay, Jasmin Hufschmid, Anna L. Meredith, Patsy A. Zendejas-Heredia, Katherine E. Moseby
Australian Journal of Zoology 69 (5), 175-183, (20 July 2022) https://doi.org/10.1071/ZO22010 Open Access
KEYWORDS: arid zone, Australian native marsupials, feral cats, modified agglutination test, multiplex real-time PCR, parasite, reintroduction, toxoplasmosis
Kirilee Chaplin, Katie Smith Date, Rebecca D. Bray, Kimberly A. Miller, Maiko L. Lutz, Emma Razeng, Michael B. Thompson, David G. Chapple
Australian Journal of Zoology 69 (5), 184-196, (2 August 2022) https://doi.org/10.1071/ZO21045
KEYWORDS: Australia, biological invasion, genetic admixture, Lampropholis, microsatellite DNA, mitochondrial DNA, reptile, skink
Shannon J. Dundas, Lara Osborne, Anna J. M. Hopkins, Katinka X. Ruthrof, Patricia A. Fleming
Australian Journal of Zoology 69 (5), 197-204, (3 August 2022) https://doi.org/10.1071/ZO22019 Open Access
KEYWORDS: animal digging, biopedturbation, echidna, ecosystem engineering, ecosystem processes, jarrah forest, soil turnover, Tachyglossus aculeatus
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