VOL. 49 · NO. 1 | January 2014

Articles (11)
Congfen Gao, Yu Chen, Yaoxue Dong, Jianya Su
Journal of Entomological Science 49 (1), 1-10, (1 January 2014) https://doi.org/10.18474/0749-8004-49.1.1
KEYWORDS: Laodelphax striatellus, fipronil, GABA receptor, insecticide resistance
S. K. Braman, P. L. Raymer, M. Harrison-Dunn, Shakunthala Nair
Journal of Entomological Science 49 (1), 11-20, (1 January 2014) https://doi.org/10.18474/0749-8004-49.1.11
KEYWORDS: Spodoptera frugiperda, host plant resistance, seashore paspalum, Paspalum vaginatum, antibiosis
Yong Chen, Jie Zhang, Xiaowa Qin, Jie Liu, Qi Liu, Runjie Zhang
Journal of Entomological Science 49 (1), 21-29, (1 January 2014) https://doi.org/10.18474/0749-8004-49.1.21
KEYWORDS: Nilaparvata lugens, Virtako, sublethal effects, reproduction, wing formation
R. Hoey-Chamberlain, M. K. Rust
Journal of Entomological Science 49 (1), 30-43, (1 January 2014) https://doi.org/10.18474/0749-8004-49.1.30
KEYWORDS: velvety tree ant, bait preference, sucrose bait-base
Daniel L. Frank, Aijun Zhang, Starker E. Wright, Jessica S. Frank, James F. Walgenbach, J. Christopher Bergh, Tracy C. Leskey
Journal of Entomological Science 49 (1), 44-55, (1 January 2014) https://doi.org/10.18474/0749-8004-49.1.44
KEYWORDS: Synanthedon scitula, mating disruption, pheromone antagonist, geostatistics
Grant L. Pilkay, Francis P. F. Reay-Jones, Jeremy K. Greene
Journal of Entomological Science 49 (1), 56-62, (1 January 2014) https://doi.org/10.18474/0749-8004-49.1.56
KEYWORDS: biological control, host selection, oviposition, superparasitism
Pavel Vrba, Oldřich Nedvěd, Martin Konvička
Journal of Entomological Science 49 (1), 63-69, (1 January 2014) https://doi.org/10.18474/0749-8004-49.1.63
KEYWORDS: butterfly ecology, diapause, frost survival, mountain habitats, grasslands, Palaerctic region, Pieridae
Sakine Serap Avgin, Arno Thomaes
Journal of Entomological Science 49 (1), 70-77, (1 January 2014) https://doi.org/10.18474/0749-8004-49.1.70
KEYWORDS: Lucanus spp., stag beetles, Turkey, taxonomic key
Xin Bian, Zheng Liu, Ai-Ping Liang
Journal of Entomological Science 49 (1), 78-86, (1 January 2014) https://doi.org/10.18474/0749-8004-49.1.78
KEYWORDS: scanning electron microscopy, ultrastructure, pretarsus, Hispidae, Aspidomorpha dorsata
Meredith Shrader, Thomas Kuhar, Peter Schultz, Douglas Pfeiffer, Katherine Kamminga
Journal of Entomological Science 49 (1), 87-90, (1 January 2014) https://doi.org/10.18474/0749-8004-49.1.87
KEYWORDS: host plant, feeding preference, lima bean, Snap bean, Cerotoma trifurcata (Förster)
No abstract available
Tracie M. Jenkins, Tyler D. Eaton, Ted E. Cottrell, Ann Amis, Dan L. Horton, Diane G. Alston
Journal of Entomological Science 49 (1), 91-93, (1 January 2014) https://doi.org/10.18474/0749-8004-49.1.91
KEYWORDS: DNA marker, ITS, rDNA, PCR, Conotrachelus nenuphar
No abstract available
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