VOL. 59 · NO. 2 | April 2024

Articles (11)
Nathan S. Little, Blake H. Elkins, Maribel Portilla, K. Clint Allen, Quentin D. Read, Ryan T. Paulk
Journal of Entomological Science 59 (2), 91-104, (22 March 2024) https://doi.org/10.18474/JES23-37
KEYWORDS: tarnished plant bug, Bollworm, insecticide resistance, integrated pest management, biological insecticides
Adrian J. Pekarcik, Sylvester A. Menanyih, Alana L. Jacobson
Journal of Entomological Science 59 (2), 105-124, (22 March 2024) https://doi.org/10.18474/JES23-38
KEYWORDS: seed treatment, foliar insecticides application, management, sorghum, aphid
Michelle S. Guerrero, Bonifacio F. Cayabyab
Journal of Entomological Science 59 (2), 125-132, (22 March 2024) https://doi.org/10.18474/JES23-36
KEYWORDS: DNA barcoding, oriental migratory locust, Locusta migratoria manilensis, species identification, COI gene
D. Nandhini, Sharanabasappa S. Deshmukh, K.M. Satish, C.M. Kalleshwaraswamy, H.G. Sannathimmappa
Journal of Entomological Science 59 (2), 133-141, (22 March 2024) https://doi.org/10.18474/JES23-20
KEYWORDS: invasive, India, maize, host range, choice, nonchoice
Zhengxue Zhao, Xueli Feng, Yubo Zhang, Yingjian Wang, Zhengxiang Zhou
Journal of Entomological Science 59 (2), 142-155, (22 March 2024) https://doi.org/10.18474/JES23-26
KEYWORDS: conservation gap, Endemism, biodiversity hotspots, species richness, Typhlocybinae
V. Rakesh, P. Patgiri, A. Borah
Journal of Entomological Science 59 (2), 156-164, (22 March 2024) https://doi.org/10.18474/JES23-29
KEYWORDS: Bhut Jolokia chilli, contact repellency, fumigation repellency, Sitophilus oryzae, stored grain
Dalia E. El-Hefny, El-Desoky S. Ibrahim, Nawal Abdulaziz Alfuhaid, Adrien Fónagy, Moataz A.M. Moustafa
Journal of Entomological Science 59 (2), 165-181, (22 March 2024) https://doi.org/10.18474/JES23-39
KEYWORDS: residual activity, flonicamid, spiromesifen, persistence, half-life
Jermaine D. Perier, Paulo S.G. Cremonez, Hugh A. Smith, Alvin M. Simmons, David G. Riley
Journal of Entomological Science 59 (2), 182-192, (22 March 2024) https://doi.org/10.18474/JES23-41
KEYWORDS: survey, insecticide resistance, whiteflies, neonicotinoid, bioassay
Fabian E. Olazaran-Santibañez, Rapucel T.Q. Heinz-Castro, Gildardo Rivera, Mario Rocandio-Rodríguez, Diana V. Navarrete-Carriola, Cecilia C. Zapata-Campos, Yolanda del Rocío Moreno-Ramírez, Julio César Chacón-Hernández
Journal of Entomological Science 59 (2), 193-210, (22 March 2024) https://doi.org/10.18474/JES23-58
KEYWORDS: biological control, botanical extract, residual effect, ovicidal
Jonathan S. O'Hearn
Journal of Entomological Science 59 (2), 211-215, (22 March 2024) https://doi.org/10.18474/JES23-65
KEYWORDS: overwinter, biocontrol, beneficial insect, nuisance
No abstract available
Lizeth Almendra-Paxtian, Sergio R. Sánchez-Peña
Journal of Entomological Science 59 (2), 216-221, (22 March 2024) https://doi.org/10.18474/JES23-75
KEYWORDS: Solenopsis geminata, tropical fire ant, RECOLONIZATION, invasive ants
No abstract available
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