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1 April 2013 Acknowledging the Generosity of Our Donors

The long-term vitality and vibrancy of the American Society of Mammalogists depend upon the philanthropy of our members and others interested in supporting our programs of research, education, and outreach. Consequently, we gratefully acknowledge the generosity of those who have made monetary contributions to the Society over the past year. Such financial contributions have been particularly critical in supporting the careers of the next generation of mammalogists – our students. Funds to which donations can be directed include: a) African Student Fund; b) Century Fund; c) Future Mammalogists Fund (including donations from the annual auction); d) General Reserve Fund; e) Latin American Student Field Mammalogy Research Fund; f) Oliver Pearson Fund; and g) J. A. Allen Fund. Details about these funds can be found at (#Donations made in Memory of Bobby Baker).

$1,000 - $4,999

Barbara Blaked

Ed Heskec#

Don & Glennis Kaufmanc

Doug Keltc

Alicia Linzeya

Michael Marese

Peter Meservee,f

Jim Pattone

J. Marry Taylorb,d

$500 - $999


Brandi Coynerc,e

Meredith Hamilton & Ron Van Den Busschec

Kristofer Helgenc

Eileen Laceye

Sue McLarena

Joe Merrittd

Bruce Pattersona#,c

Robert Sikesc,d

Michael Willigc

Don Wilsonc

$100 - $499

Ken Armitagec,d

Michael Carletonb

Arthur Clevelandc

Richard Davisa

John Hansenc

Brad Hardenbrookc

C. William Kilpatrickc

David Leslie, Jr.g#

Brock McMillianc

Uldis Rozed

Duane Schlittera

Barbara Shawb,d

Up to $100

Catherine Badgleyd

John Bassettc

William Birkheada

William Bleiere

Karen Blewjasa,e

Paula Bohaskac

Joel Brantc

Bruce Butlerc

Sheila Byrnec

Leslie Carrawayc

Michelle Chandlera,c,e

W. A. Clemensf

Daniel Corralc

Ana Davidsonc

VJ Deghettd

Robert Dowlerc

Thomas Eatonc

Jacob Esselstync

Wendy Estes-Zumpfa

Lynn Gilliec

Rebecca Greenc

John Harrisd

E. Blake Harta,c,d,e,f

George Heinsohnf

Elaine Holmesc

Andrew Hopec,d

Jeffrey Hupec

Francisco Jimenez-Ruizc,e

Sarah Johnsonc

Brooks Kohlia

Peter Larsenc

William Laudenslayer, Jr.d

Brian Lawheada,c,e,f

Philip Leitnere

Celia Lopez-Gonzaleze

Sean Maherc

Chester Martind

Verity Mathisc

Thomas McIntyrec

Donald Mitchellc

John Mitchella,d

Katie Moriartyc

Jennifer Murrowc

Ryan Norrisa

Nicte Ordonezc

Bret Paschc

Elizabeth Piersonf

Adam Remmelc

Marcy Revelezc

Luis Ruedasc

Ronnie Sinderd

Sergio Solaric

Lloyd Towersd

Russell Van Horne,f

Peter Weigla

Ken Whitef

Thomas Woodc

Arlene Zarembkaa,e

"Acknowledging the Generosity of Our Donors," Journal of Mammalogy 94(2), 528, (1 April 2013).
Published: 1 April 2013
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