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26 March 2024 The Rationality of the Spatial Layout of Beijing Sports Parks and the Evaluation of Tourism Experience Quality
Zhang Youyin, Xu Heng
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Based on big data such as POI and tourism online reviews, the spatial distribution characteristics, distribution rationality and evaluation of the tourism experience quality of Beijing sports parks were explored by comprehensively using AHP analysis, GIS spatial analysis and other methods. The results show four important points. (1) From the perspective of overall spatial distribution rationality, the overall location distribution of the Beijing sports park layout is reasonable, but there are deviations and inappropriate distributions in local areas, showing a trend of regional tilt to the middle and North. The unsuitable areas for local distribution are mainly concentrated in the central and eastern regions, which are distributed in a state of “three scattered points”. (2) The evaluation system was constructed from the three dimensions of tourism subject, tourism object and tourism scene, and the evaluation index system for sports park tourism experience quality including three first-class indicators and 17 second-class indicators was established. (3) At present, the overall level of experience quality of sports parks in Beijing is relatively weak, since it was rated only at the level of good, so there is still a certain gap from the level of satisfaction. (4) The indicators of tourism experience quality at all levels are densely distributed, mainly in the main urban areas and southern areas of Beijing. Among the points at all levels, the experience of tourism objects is the most dispersed, the experience of tourism subjects is moderately distributed, and the experience of tourism scenes is the most concentrated. Finally, according to the spatial distribution characteristics and the evaluation of tourism experience quality, an optimization path of sports parks is constructed, and targeted suggestions are provided for the reasonable layout of sports parks and the improvement of tourist satisfaction.

Zhang Youyin and Xu Heng "The Rationality of the Spatial Layout of Beijing Sports Parks and the Evaluation of Tourism Experience Quality," Journal of Resources and Ecology 15(2), 496-509, (26 March 2024).
Received: 5 September 2022; Accepted: 30 January 2023; Published: 26 March 2024
AHP evaluation method
space location
sports park
tourism experience quality
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