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VOL. 73 · NO. 2 | February 2009
Journal of Wildlife Management
Michael J. Chamberlain
Journal of Wildlife Management 73 (2), 173-174, (1 February 2009)
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Management and Conservation Article
Michelle Carstensen, Glenn D. Delgiudice, Barry A. Sampson, David W. Kuehn
Journal of Wildlife Management 73 (2), 175-183, (1 February 2009)
KEYWORDS: body condition, cause-specific mortality, Minnesota, neonates, nutrition, Odocoileus virginianus, predation, survival, white-tailed deer, winter severity
Silvia Tioli, Francesca Cagnacci, Anna Stradiotto, Annapaola Rizzoli
Journal of Wildlife Management 73 (2), 184-190, (1 February 2009)
KEYWORDS: accuracy, Apodemus flavicollis, capture–mark–recapture, closed population, density estimation, effective trapping area, Italian Alps, radiotelemetry, small mammals, trapping grid
Felipe Cruz, Victor Carrion, Karl J. Campbell, Christian Lavoie, C. Josh Donlan
Journal of Wildlife Management 73 (2), 191-200, (1 February 2009)
KEYWORDS: bio-economics, Capra hircus, eradication, Galapagos, invasive mammals, island conservation, Judas goats, nonnative mammals, restoration
Tim L. Hiller, Henry Campa, Scott R. Winterstein
Journal of Wildlife Management 73 (2), 201-209, (1 February 2009)
KEYWORDS: habitat management, home range, Michigan, Odocoileus virginianus, usable space, white-tailed deer
Management and Conservation Note
Christopher W. Ryan, Michael R. Vaughan, J. Blair Meldrum, Robert B. Duncan, John W. Edwards
Journal of Wildlife Management 73 (2), 210-213, (1 February 2009)
KEYWORDS: American black bear, chemical immobilization, hunting, mark–recapture, sedation, Telazol, tranquilize, Ursus americanus, West Virginia, wildlife management
Management and Conservation Article
Edward B. Arnett, John P. Hayes
Journal of Wildlife Management 73 (2), 214-225, (1 February 2009)
KEYWORDS: Big Brown Bat, Eptesicus fuscus, forest management, long-eared myotis, Long-legged Myotis, Myotis evotis,, Myotis volans, Oregon, snags
Scott Schlossberg, David I. King
Journal of Wildlife Management 73 (2), 226-231, (1 February 2009)
KEYWORDS: habitat availability, meta-analysis, population size, shrubland birds, Succession, timber harvest
Sarah J. Lantz, Courtney J. Conway
Journal of Wildlife Management 73 (2), 232-241, (1 February 2009)
KEYWORDS: ambient temperature, Athene cunicularia, breeding phenology, Burrowing Owls, daily nest survival, logistic-exposure, nest depredation, prairie dogs, reproduction, Wyoming
Michael R. Conover, Jennifer S. Borgo
Journal of Wildlife Management 73 (2), 242-247, (1 February 2009)
KEYWORDS: grouse, loafing site selection, olfactory concealment theory, olfactory predators, predator-prey interactions, Tympanuchus phasianellus.
Management and Conservation Note
Jan L. Eldridge, Gary L. Krapu, Douglas H. Johnson
Journal of Wildlife Management 73 (2), 248-252, (1 February 2009)
KEYWORDS: Calidris, Chironomidae, feeding ecology, midge larvae, North Dakota, sandpiper, shorebird
Stacy W. Dunkin, Fred S. Guthery, Stephen J. Demaso, Alan D. Peoples, Edward S. Parry
Journal of Wildlife Management 73 (2), 253-259, (1 February 2009)
KEYWORDS: aboveground power lines, Colinus virginianus, fence, habitat fragmentation, northern bobwhite, oil structures, Oklahoma, space use, water sites
Management and Conservation Article
Elizabeth A. Roznik, Steve A. Johnson
Journal of Wildlife Management 73 (2), 260-268, (1 February 2009)
KEYWORDS: burrows, canopy closure, emigration, Fire suppression, juvenile amphibians, longleaf pine, orientation, prescribed fire, radiotelemetry, Rana capito
Elizabeth C. Burton, Matthew J. Gray, A. Chandler Schmutzer, Debra L. Miller
Journal of Wildlife Management 73 (2), 269-277, (1 February 2009)
KEYWORDS: agriculture, amphibian declines, anthropogenic stressors, body size, capture rate, grazing, vegetation
Michael V. Hurley, Eric K. Rapaport, Chris J. Johnson
Journal of Wildlife Management 73 (2), 278-286, (1 February 2009)
KEYWORDS: Analytical hierarchy process, Criteria, Driver, expert, habitat, Kappa, local, moose, moose–vehicle collision, pair-wise
Tools and Technology Article
T. Will Richardson, Thomas Gardali, Stephen H. Jenkins
Journal of Wildlife Management 73 (2), 287-293, (1 February 2009)
KEYWORDS: bias, camera, nest predators, nest success, surveillance, Video
Ryan A. Long, Jonathan D. Muir, Janet L. Rachlow, John G. Kie
Journal of Wildlife Management 73 (2), 294-302, (1 February 2009)
KEYWORDS: elk, habitat modeling, logistic regression, mule deer, multiple regression, resource selection function, resource utilization function, SPATIAL AUTOCORRELATION, utilization distribution
Tools and Technology Note
Chad H. Newbolt, Stephen S. Ditchkoff
Journal of Wildlife Management 73 (2), 303-305, (1 February 2009)
KEYWORDS: calf, fawn, neonate, ungulate, vaginal implant transmitter
James R. Heffelfinger
Journal of Wildlife Management 73 (2), 306, (1 February 2009)
No abstract available
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