Politics and the Life Sciences
Politics and the Life Sciences publishes work on the intersection of political science and the life sciences, and embraces interdisciplinary approaches to address this intersection in innovative ways.
Most Read Articles

The evolution of offensive realism

Dominic D. P. Johnson, et al. (2016)

Strengthening bonds and connecting with followers

Patrick A. Stewart, et al. (2015)

Genes, cognition, and social behavior

Arthur Lupia, et al. (2011)

Death with “dignity”

Susan M. Behuniak, et al. (2011)

Most Recently Cited Articles

Identity challenges

David Goetze, et al. (2011)

Politics and the life sciences

Gary R. Johnson, et al. (2011)

Regulating Genetically Modified Food

Anton E. Wohlers, et al. (2010)

No end to caring?

Shea Robison, et al. (2014)

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