Politics and the Life Sciences
Politics and the Life Sciences publishes work on the intersection of political science and the life sciences, and embraces interdisciplinary approaches to address this intersection in innovative ways.
Most Read Articles

Avian influenza

Sophal Ear, et al. (2011)

The death of distinctions

John Ellis van Courtland Moon, et al. (2004)

Neuropolitics: Twenty years later

Darren Schreiber, et al. (2017)

State responses to biotechnology

Rebecca C. Harris, et al. (2015)

Federalism and bioethics

Alisa Von Hagel, et al. (2014)

Most Cited Articles

Deciding on human embryonic stem cell research

Eileen Burgin, et al. (2009)

Taking leaders at face value

Patrick A. Stewart, et al. (2009)

In defense of the Genetic Virtue Program

Mark Walker, et al. (2010)

Regulating Genetically Modified Food

Anton E. Wohlers, et al. (2010)

No end to caring?

Shea Robison, et al. (2014)

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