VOL. 22 · NO. 1 | January 2007

General (1)
Madagascar (3)
Africa (5)
Asia (3)
Primate Conservation
Neotropical Region
22(1), 41-47, (1 January 2007)https://doi.org/10.1896/052.022.0102
KEYWORDS: Primate conservation, Lagothrix, New World, Atelidae, cloud forest, behavioral ecology
22(1), 49-54, (1 January 2007)https://doi.org/10.1896/052.022.0103
KEYWORDS: Callicebus moloch, population density, zoogeography, ecology, Amazonia, conservation, densidade populacional, zoogeografia, ecologia, Amazônia, conservação
22(1), 55-70, (1 January 2007)https://doi.org/10.1896/052.022.0104
KEYWORDS: Primates, Aotidae, Aotus, night monkeys, Aotus jorgehernandezi new species, karyotypes, Colombia, micos nocturnos, monos nocturnos, mico de noche, mono de noche, Aotus jorgehernandezi especie nueva, cariotipos
22(1), 71-77, (1 January 2007)https://doi.org/10.1896/052.022.0105
KEYWORDS: Madagascar, deforestation, sacred forests, critically endangered ecoregion
22(1), 79-87, (1 January 2007)https://doi.org/10.1896/052.022.0106
KEYWORDS: Madagascar, Eulemur macaco flavifrons, primary forest, secondary forest, habitat generalist, habitat specialist
22(1), 89-95, (1 January 2007)https://doi.org/10.1896/052.022.0107
KEYWORDS: Black-and-white ruffed lemur, Varecia variegata, red ruffed lemur, Varecia rubra, population and habitat survey, hybrids, hunting
22(1), 97-105, (1 January 2007)https://doi.org/10.1896/052.022.0108
KEYWORDS: red colobus, Procolobus rufomitratus tephrosceles, census, distribution, Ufipa, Tanzania
22(1), 107-110, (1 January 2007)https://doi.org/10.1896/052.022.0109
KEYWORDS: de Brazza's monkey, biogeography, distribution, Gabon, Cameroon, Congo
22(1), 111-115, (1 January 2007)https://doi.org/10.1896/052.022.0110
KEYWORDS: Red-capped mangabey, white-collared mangabey, Cercocebus, biogeography, distribution, Congo
22(1), 117-122, (1 January 2007)https://doi.org/10.1896/052.022.0111
KEYWORDS: de Brazza's monkey, Cercopithecus neglectus, Mathews Range, survey, population distribution, local community, Kenya
22(1), 123-128, (1 January 2007)https://doi.org/10.1896/052.022.0112
KEYWORDS: Mangabey, Lophocebus albigena, Lophocebus osmani, Lophocebus johnstoni, Lophocebus ugandae, Uganda endemicity
22(1), 129-133, (1 January 2007)https://doi.org/10.1896/052.022.0113
KEYWORDS: Sulawesi macaques, Macaca tonkeana, Macaca ochreata, distribution, density, mixed species groups, conservation
22(1), 139-144, (1 January 2007)https://doi.org/10.1896/052.022.0115
KEYWORDS: Purple-faced langur, Sri Lanka, endangered species, endemic species, effects of deforestation, prospects for conservation, recommendations
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