VOL. 59 · NO. 4 | July 2006

Rangeland Ecology and Management
Research Articles
59(4), 343-350, (1 July 2006)https://doi.org/10.2111/05-202R1.1
KEYWORDS: Bouteloua eriopoda, Larrea tridentata, Flourensia cernua, perennial grasslands, Shrub invasion
59(4), 351-358, (1 July 2006)https://doi.org/10.2111/04-165R2.1
KEYWORDS: beef cattle, behavior, distribution, global positioning system
59(4), 359-372, (1 July 2006)https://doi.org/10.2111/04-063.1
KEYWORDS: Alces alces, habitat selection, landscape heterogeneity, Markov chain, winter severity
59(4), 373-382, (1 July 2006)https://doi.org/10.2111/05-177R2.1
KEYWORDS: Apache trout, fish habitat, riparian areas, livestock grazing, landscape analysis, lithology
59(4), 383-391, (1 July 2006)https://doi.org/10.2111/05-190R1.1
KEYWORDS: Acari, mites, Collembola, springtails, population density, indigenous grassland, fire
59(4), 392-399, (1 July 2006)https://doi.org/10.2111/05-164R2.1
KEYWORDS: drought management, forage quality, grassland, primary production, Northern Great Plains, soil water, Species composition
59(4), 400-405, (1 July 2006)https://doi.org/10.2111/05-107R1.1
KEYWORDS: grazing pressure, artificial patches, meteorological variables, biomass
59(4), 406-415, (1 July 2006)https://doi.org/10.2111/05-180R1.1
KEYWORDS: Chihuahuan Desert, infiltration, rangeland health, soil quality, state-and-transition model, threshold, two-phase mosaic
59(4), 416-421, (1 July 2006)https://doi.org/10.2111/1551-5028(2006)59[416:RAOTSG]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: Brush management, ecohydrology, Edwards Plateau, Juniperus ashei, leaf carbon assimilation, savanna
59(4), 422-430, (1 July 2006)https://doi.org/10.2111/05-059R1.1
KEYWORDS: digital imagery, remote sensing, LAI, leaf area, laser point frame, multispectral radiometer
59(4), 431-437, (1 July 2006)https://doi.org/10.2111/05-128R1.1
KEYWORDS: Bayesian, competition, invasive species, light interception, model, weed management
Technical Note
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