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The Arabidopsis Book
The Arabidopsis Book (TAB) was a publication launched in 2002 and supported by the American Society of Plant Biologists. TAB contained comprehensive information about a broad range of topics in research on Arabidopsis thaliana and related species. It ceased publication in 2019.

Below are lists of this title's Most Read and Most Recently Cited articles. The Most Read articles are the articles which have been downloaded the most on the new platform. The Most Recently Cited articles list uses Crossref cited-by data (downloaded on the 1st and 15th of each month) to automatically identify papers which have received the most new citations over the last month. The articles that appear here are not those which have received the most citations in total, but rather the articles which have been cited most often most recently.

Most Read Articles

Acyl-Lipid Metabolism

Yonghua Li-Beisson, et al. (2013)

Auxin Biosynthesis

Yunde Zhao. (2014)

Leaf Development

Hirokazu Tsukaya. (2013)

Histidine Biosynthesis

Robert A. Ingle. (2011)

Most Recently Cited Articles

Salicylic Acid Biosynthesis and Metabolism

D'Maris Amick Dempsey, et al. (2011)

Plant ABC Transporters

Joohyun Kang, et al. (2011)

The Phenylpropanoid Pathway in Arabidopsis

Christopher M. Fraser, et al. (2011)

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