VOL. 133 · NO. 2 | April 2016
The Auk 133 (2), (1 April 2016) https://doi.org/10.1642/AUK-2016-133.2.i
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The Auk 133 (2), (1 April 2016) https://doi.org/10.1642/AUK-2016.133.2.toc
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The Auk 133 (2), (1 April 2016) https://doi.org/10.1642/auk.2016.133.2.cover
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Alice Cibois, Frederick H. Sheldon
The Auk 133 (2), 129-130, (20 January 2016) https://doi.org/10.1642/AUK-15-202.1
KEYWORDS: new subspecies, nomenclature, Pacific Golden-Plover
Rita Hargitai, Gergely Nagy, Márton Herényi, Zoltán Nyiri, Miklós Laczi, Gergely Hegyi, Zsuzsanna Eke, János Török
The Auk 133 (2), 131-146, (20 January 2016) https://doi.org/10.1642/AUK-15-128.1
KEYWORDS: eggshell color, female condition, lymphocyte count, plumage coloration, protoporphyrin pigmentation, oxidative status, sexual signalling hypothesis
Daniel B. Thomas, Helen F. James
The Auk 133 (2), 147-154, (27 January 2016) https://doi.org/10.1642/AUK-15-152.1
KEYWORDS: Anseriformes, coloration, feather, pigmentation, Raman spectroscopy, Rhodonessa
John W. Dille, Christopher M. Rogers, Mark A. Schneegurt
The Auk 133 (2), 155-167, (3 February 2016) https://doi.org/10.1642/AUK-15-126.1
KEYWORDS: feather bacteria, beneficial bacteria, plant pathogens, Dark-eyed Junco, cladistics, Junco hyemalis, migration
Travis G. Gerwing, Jin-Hong Kim, Diana J. Hamilton, Myriam A. Barbeau, Jason A. Addison
The Auk 133 (2), 168-177, (3 February 2016) https://doi.org/10.1642/AUK-15-176.1
KEYWORDS: 454 pyrosequencing, Bay of Fundy, conservation, diet, molecular scatology, next-generation sequencing, Semipalmated Sandpiper, Shorebirds
Carolina Bravo, Carlos Ponce, Luis M. Bautista, Juan C. Alonso
The Auk 133 (2), 178-197, (3 February 2016) https://doi.org/10.1642/AUK-15-206.1
KEYWORDS: sexual segregation, foraging ecology, body size, resource partitioning, agro-steppe, dietary overlap, herbivory, trophic behavior
Marcel M. Lambrechts, Pascal Marrot, Amélie Fargevieille, Pablo Giovannini, Annick Lucas, Virginie Demeyrier, Afiwa Midamegbe, Philippe Perret, Arnaud Grégoire, Anne Charmantier, Claire Doutrelant
The Auk 133 (2), 198-204, (10 February 2016) https://doi.org/10.1642/AUK-15-214.1
KEYWORDS: breeding success, cavity-nesting birds, Cyanistes caeruleus, nest boxes, nest size
Thomas Oliver Mérő, Antun Žuljević, Katalin Varga, Szabolcs Lengyel
The Auk 133 (2), 205-212, (10 February 2016) https://doi.org/10.1642/AUK-15-175.1
KEYWORDS: wing size, reed management, water depth, fluctuation of water level, male, habitat selection, Acrocephalus arundinaceus
Christine M. Bubac, Garth M. Spellman
The Auk 133 (2), 213-230, (24 February 2016) https://doi.org/10.1642/AUK-15-124.1
KEYWORDS: range expansion, Virginia's Warbler, connectivity, microsatellite, mitochondrial DNA, mtDNA, Oreothlypis virginiae
Tongping Su, Canchao Yang, Guoxian Liang, Changqing Ding, Wei Liang
The Auk 133 (2), 231-235, (2 March 2016) https://doi.org/10.1642/AUK-15-211.1
KEYWORDS: Cuculus saturatus, experience accumulation, individual level
H. J. Lynch, M. A. LaRue
The Auk 133 (2), 236, (2 March 2016) https://doi.org/10.1642/AUK-15-231.1
KEYWORDS: Adélie Penguin, Antarctica, South Sandwich Islands, CCAMLR Subarea 48.4
Theodore J. Zenzal, Frank R. Moore
The Auk 133 (2), 237-250, (9 March 2016) https://doi.org/10.1642/AUK-15-160.1
KEYWORDS: age-dependent, Archilochus colubris, intrinsic factors, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, sex-dependent, stopover, migration
Allison Cornell, Tony D. Williams
The Auk 133 (2), 251-260, (9 March 2016) https://doi.org/10.1642/AUK-15-165.1
KEYWORDS: multiple brooding, breeding phenology, individual quality, laying date
Jonathan H. Pérez, Jesse S. Krause, Helen E. Chmura, Shae Bowman, Michaela McGuigan, Ashley L. Asmus, Simone L. Meddle, Kathleen E. Hunt, Laura Gough, Natalie T. Boelman, John C. Wingfield
The Auk 133 (2), 261-272, (9 March 2016) https://doi.org/10.1642/AUK-15-111.1
KEYWORDS: Arthropods, environment, temperature, clutch timing, climate change, phenology, White-crowned Sparrow, Lapland Longspur
Diane Colombelli-Négrel, Michael S. Webster, Jenélle L. Dowling, Mark E. Hauber, Sonia Kleindorfer
The Auk 133 (2), 273-285, (16 March 2016) https://doi.org/10.1642/AUK-15-162.1
KEYWORDS: imitation, oscine, vocal tutor, parental investment
Ahva L. Potticary, Jenélle L. Dowling, Douglas G. Barron, Daniel T. Baldassarre, Michael S. Webster
The Auk 133 (2), 286-297, (16 March 2016) https://doi.org/10.1642/AUK-15-212.1
KEYWORDS: Bird, Mate-guarding, foray behavior, age-dependence, tradeoff
Anna M. Tucker, Rodney J. Dyer, Sarah K. Huber, Lesley P. Bulluck
The Auk 133 (2), 298-307, (16 March 2016) https://doi.org/10.1642/AUK-15-161.1
KEYWORDS: breeding ecology, cavity nesters, conspecific brood parasitism, Protonotaria citrea
Luciano N. Segura, Facundo G. Di Sallo, Bettina Mahler, Juan C. Reboreda
The Auk 133 (2), 308-315, (23 March 2016) https://doi.org/10.1642/AUK-15-181.1
KEYWORDS: antiparasitic defenses, brood parasitism, egg rejection, Molothrus bonariensis, Paroaria coronata, visual cues
Daniel R. Ruthrauff, Anne Dekinga, Robert E. Gill, Theunis Piersma
The Auk 133 (2), 316, (30 March 2016) https://doi.org/10.1642/AUK-16-20.1
KEYWORDS: BMR, Rock Sandpiper, temperature effects, thermal conductance
Kimberly G. Smith
The Auk 133 (2), 317-319, (30 March 2016) https://doi.org/10.1642/AUK-16-30.1
No abstract available
Colin J. Pennycuick
The Auk 133 (2), 320-321, (30 March 2016) https://doi.org/10.1642/AUK-15-210.1
No abstract available
Andrew Johnson
The Auk 133 (2), 322-323, (30 March 2016) https://doi.org/10.1642/AUK-15-207.1
No abstract available
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