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1 June 2020 Bioone 2020 Ambassador Awards
Auriel M. V. Fournier
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BioOne created its Ambassador Award to spotlight rising scholars in their specialties and generate a wider interest in recent research from our publishing partners. Established in 2018, the Ambassador Award is given to early career scholars nominated by their publishers. It generates increased interest in recent research from rising researchers who are able to share their work with the public. Effective communication is fundamental to ensuring the use of scientific information to make informed, evidence-based decisions. Winners receive a cash award and wide dissemination of their research.

Auriel was one of 5 early career authors in three countries chosen as a 2020 BioOne Ambassador, because they effectively communicate their specialized research beyond their immediate discipline and to the public at large. See the full list of winners on the BioOne website: 020Winners.html

These winners were chosen through a competitive process. Active BioOne publishers were invited to nominate an early career researcher who published in their journal in 2019. In order to qualify, the author needed to be either a graduate student or a scientist who had completed their PhD within the last five years. BioOne invited qualified nominees to submit a 250-word, plain-language summary explaining how the results of their work apply across disciplines and to the public at large.

Dr. Fournier's essay “Managing Public Wetlands for Multiple Wetland Birds” was written in reference to: Fournier, A. M. V., D. C. Mengel, E. Gbur, A. Raedeke and D. G. Krementz. 2019. Evaluating tradeoffs in the response of Sora (Porzana carolina) and waterfowl to the timing of early autumn wetland inundation. Waterbirds 42(2): 168-178. 2019.

Auriel M. V. Fournier "Bioone 2020 Ambassador Awards," Waterbirds 43(2), 220, (1 June 2020).
Published: 1 June 2020

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