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1 June 2020 A Note from the Editor

Members and Subscribers to Waterbirds:

I wanted to provide an update on the status of Waterbirds Volume 43 (2020). As it has for most everyone, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has affected our lives in unimaginable ways. The increased and unforeseen time demands in our daily professional jobs and commitments (teaching in-person classes online, restructuring research plans, etc.) has seriously affected the time available for the editors to accomplish the tasks of producing the journal. Additionally, reviewers have faced similar challenges and time-constraints. This has led to significant delays with the journal this year. I am truly sorry for these delays and any problems they have caused for our authors, members, and subscribers.

Volume 43 - Issue 1 was completed in the spring of 2020, but remaining Issues have been behind schedule. The editorial staff are working diligently to address the delay and get things back on schedule. We are pleased to provide Issue 2 here, and Issues 3 and 4 are in the final copyedit process as you read this. Thus, we will still have 4 issues for Volume 43 (2020), although they will arrive in your mailbox or online later than usual. The papers in all issues of Volume 43 2020 should be cited with a 2020 publication year as the cover indicates, as they were “in press” with the editors before year's end. We are simply behind on completing the volume. We will be producing Volume 44 2021 beginning this spring as soon as the backlog of 2020 is completed.

I offer my thoughts and condolences to those who have faced serious illness, lost employment, or lost loved ones during these trying times. Thank you for your patience, and especially for all of you who work to ensure the conservation and appreciation of waterbirds around the world!


Andrew C. Kasner, Ph.D.

Editor | Waterbirds

"A Note from the Editor," Waterbirds 43(2), 221-224, (1 June 2020).
Published: 1 June 2020

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