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1 May 2005 Response of Five Vegetable Crops to Isoxaflutole Soil Residues
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Field experiments were conducted in 2001 and 2002 at two sites in Ohio to characterize the effect of isoxaflutole herbicide applied the previous year to field corn on processing tomato, bell pepper, cabbage, snapbean, and cucumber. Isoxaflutole was applied preemergence to field corn in 2001 at 0, 53, 70, 105, and 210 g ai/ha. There were no rotational crop cultivar by herbicide rate interactions at either site. Generally, there was a higher level of visible injury on crops at the Fremont site. Isoxaflutole residues at either site did not affect processing tomato yield. Bell pepper yield was reduced 33% when rotated into 210 g ai/ha rate plots only at Fremont. Snapbean marketable yield was reduced by isoxaflutole carryover from 70 and 210 g ai/ha rates resulting in 0.39 and 0.0 t/ha at Fremont. Similarly, isoxaflutole soil residues from 105 and 210 g ai/ha resulted in 14 and 24% visible injury on cucumber but did not reduce marketable yield. Site differences in soil characteristics and precipitation in the application year may have contributed to observed differences in crop response.

Nomenclature: Isoxaflutole; bell pepper, Capsicum annuum L. ‘Aristotle’ and ‘Paladin’; cabbage, Brassica oleraceae L. var. capitata ‘Red Dynasty’ and ‘Huron’; corn, Zea mays L. ‘Pioneer 34B29 LL’; cucumber, Cucumis sativus ‘Vlasset’ and ‘Dasher 2’; processing tomato, Lycopersicon esculentum Mill. ‘Peto 626’ and ‘Heinz 9437’; snapbean, Phaseolus vulgaris L. ‘Strike’ and ‘Hialeah’.

Additional index words: Herbicide carryover, herbicide soil residues, rotational crops, vegetable crops.

Abbreviations: ANOVA, analysis of variance; CEC, cation exchange capacity; DAE, days after emergence; PRE, preemergence; SOM, soil organic matter.

JOEL FELIX and DOUGLAS J. DOOHAN "Response of Five Vegetable Crops to Isoxaflutole Soil Residues," Weed Technology 19(2), 391-396, (1 May 2005).
Published: 1 May 2005

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