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Canadian Journal of Animal Science

Canadian Journal of Animal Science contains new research on all aspects of animal agriculture and animal products, such as breeding and genetics, welfare and management, and cellular and molecular biology.

Canadian Journal of Plant Science

Canadian Journal of Plant Science contains research on plant science relevant to the environmental regions of Canadian agriculture, including plant production/management, horticulture, and pest management.

Canadian Journal of Soil Science

Canadian Journal of Soil Science contains research on the use, management, structure and development of soils, and publishes content from the varied disciplines of soil science, from geology to agrometerology.

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Crop and Pasture Science

Crop and Pasture Science publishes strategic and innovative research in crop and pasture sciences and the sustainability of farming systems. Its primary focus is broad-scale cereals, grain legumes, oilseeds, and pastures.

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Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management

Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management publishes multidisciplinary work which fosters the application of science in environmental decision-making, in areas such as policy, regulation, and management.

Invasive Plant Science and Management

Invasive Plant Science and Management covers many aspects of invasive plant biology, such as ecology, management, restoration, educational activities, policy issues, and case study reports.

Journal of Agricultural and Urban Entomology

Journal of Agricultural and Urban Entomology publishes research on insects and other arthropods of agricultural and urban significance, including those affecting livestock, wildlife, lawns, landscapes, and crops.

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Journal of Economic Entomology

Journal of Economic Entomology publishes articles on the economic significance of insects, and includes sections on apiculture and social insects, insecticides, biological control, household and structural insects, and crop protection.

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Journal of Vegetation Science

Journal of Vegetation Science publishes papers on all aspects of vegetation science, with particular emphasis on papers that develop new concepts or methods, test theory, or identify general patterns.


Palynology, published by The Palynological Society, contains both novel and traditional work on the science of organic microfossils and their modern counterparts, and includes research on all palynomorph groups and geological ages.

Weed Science

Weed Science publishes fundamental research directly related to all aspects of weed science in agricultural systems, including topics such as herbicide resistance, weed control tools, chemistry, and genetics.

Weed Technology

Weed Technology publishes work that furthers the understanding of how weeds are managed, including work on herbicides, weed biology, new control technologies, and reports of new weed issues.

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