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Acta Palaeontologica Polonica
Open Access

Acta Palaeontologica Polonica, founded in 1956, publishes research of general interest from all areas of paleontology, particularly biologically-oriented paleontological work. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica is available in BioOne Complete through the 2016 volume.

African Invertebrates
Open Access

African Invertebrates is a South African journal that covers the taxonomy, systematics, biogeography, biology, ecology, conservation and palaeontology of Afrotropical invertebrates, whether terrestrial, freshwater, or marine. African Invertebrates is available in BioOne Complete through the 2015 volume

Air, Soil and Water Research
Open Access

Air, Soil and Water Research publishes research on soil, air, and water. The journal reports on properties—including physical, chemical, biochemical, and biological—analysis, microbiology, chemicals and pollution, consequences for plants and crops, soil hydrology, and other considerations.

AMBIO: A Journal of the Human Environment

Ambio, published by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, includes broad, interdisciplinary research addressing the scientific, social, economic, and cultural factors that influence the condition of the human environment. Ambio is available in BioOne Complete through the 2011 volume.


Ameghiniana has been in continuous publication since 1957. The journal publishes content regarding all aspects of paleontology, but is particularly focused on the paleontology of Gondwana and the southern hemisphere.

American Museum Novitates

American Museum Novitates has been continuously published by the American Museum of History since 1921. This title publishes short papers that contain descriptions of new forms and reports in zoology, paleontology, and geology.

Annals of Carnegie Museum

Annals of Carnegie Museum publishes work in organismal biology, earth sciences, and anthropology related to the Museum's collections, Powdermill Nature Reserve, or to Carnegie personnel.

Carnegie Museum of Natural History Logo

Bulletin of Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Bulletin of Carnegie Museum of Natural History publishes monographs and collections of papers from symposia related to the Museum's collections, Powdermill Nature Reserve, or to Carnegie personnel. Bulletin of Carnegie Museum of Natural History been inactive since 2009.

Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History

Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History has been published continuously since 1881. It contains new discoveries in the field of natural sciences relating to zoology, paleontology, and geology.

Bulletin, Southern California Academy of Sciences

Bulletin of the Southern California Academy of Sciences publishes original research from all fields of science relevant to Baja and southern California.

Canadian Journal of Soil Science

Canadian Journal of Soil Science contains research on the use, management, structure and development of soils, and publishes content from the varied disciplines of soil science, from geology to agrometerology.

Fieldiana Anthropology

Fieldiana Anthropology was a monographic series from the Field Museum of Natural History, published through 2017. The series focused on monographs pertaining to its anthropological collections and research.

Field Museum of Natural History Logo

Fieldiana Geology

Fieldiana Geology published work reporting on geological research and collections of The Field Museum. In 2010 it ceased publication and merged with Fieldiana Botany and Fieldiana Zoology to create Fieldiana Life and Earth Sciences.


Geodiversitas is a fast-track journal from the French Museum of Natural History, Paris, devoted to the earth sciences with a focus on history of sedimentary basins, paleobiodiversity, and paleoenvironments. Articles are published in French and English.

Coastal Education and Research Foundation Logo

Journal of Coastal Research

Journal of Coastal Research (JCR) publishes content relevant to natural and engineered coastline environments (freshwater, brackish, or marine) and the protection/management of their resources.

International Association for Great Lakes Research Logo

Journal of Great Lakes Research

Journal of Great Lakes Research publishes manuscripts on a wide range of topics in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, and geology of the large lakes of the world and their watersheds. Journal of Great Lakes Research is available in BioOne Complete through the 2010 volume.

Journal of Paleontology

Journal of Paleontology publishes research on the systematics, phylogeny, paleoecology, paleogeography, and evolution of fossil organisms. It emphasizes specimen-based research and features high quality illustrations.

Journal of Resources and Ecology

Journal of Resources and Ecology is published by the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The journal publishes current research in natural resource studies and ecology across a broad range of interdisciplinary topics.

The Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science Logo

Journal of the Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science

Journal of the Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science publishes papers in all fields of scientific work, but is known for its special focus on topics related to the North American southwest region.

Journal of the North Atlantic

Journal of the North Atlantic publishes multi-disciplinary work on the peoples of the North Atlantic, their expansion into the region over time, and their interactions with their changing environments.

Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology

Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology publishes original contributions on all aspects of vertebrate paleontology, including vertebrate origins, evolution, functional morphology, and other topics.

Micropaleontology Press Logo


Micropaleontology, established in 1955, publishes scientific research on the systematics, morphology, biology and ecology of animal, plant, and protist microfossils and their living representatives. Micropaleontology is available in BioOne Complete through the 2005 volume.

Mountain Research and Development
Open Access

Mountain Research and Development (MRD) is devoted to interdisciplinary research on key topics related to mountains, mountain people and communities, and sustainable development in mountains. Find out more on the journal’s website.

Pacific Science

Pacific Science, published since 1947, includes multidisciplinary research on the biological and physical sciences of the Pacific basin, such as biogeography, ecology, evolution, geology, and volcanology.

Open Access

Palaeodiversity, published by the Stuttgart State Museum of Natural History, contains research in palaeontology and its related fields. It is particularly interested in specimen-based studies which address problems on a larger scale.


PALAIOS is dedicated to emphasizing the impact of life on Earth's history as recorded in the paleontological and sedimentological records, and covers topics including biogeochemistry, ichnology, and paleoclimatology.


Paleobiology publishes work on any aspect of biological paleontology. Emphasis is placed on biological or paleobiological processes and patterns, including macroevolution, extinction, and diversification.

Paleontological Contributions
Open Access

Paleontological Contributions is a rapid publication journal containing original research in all areas of paleontology and related biological disciplines, particularly the naming and description of new taxa.

Paleontological Research

Paleonotological Research focuses on work dealing with paleontology and related sciences. Contributions cover a global geographic scope, and address all ages (Precambrian to the Quaternary, including modern analogs).


Palynology, published by The Palynological Society, contains both novel and traditional work on the science of organic microfossils and their modern counterparts, and includes research on all palynomorph groups and geological ages.

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