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Cactus and Succulent Journal

Cactus and Succulent Journal features articles about cacti and other succulent plants, including caudiciform and pachycaul succulents and xerophytes, and is meant for professionals and hobbyists alike.

The Canadian Entomologist

The Canadian Entomologist, published since 1868, contains work on all facets of entomology, such as systematics and morphology, molecular and developmental biology, ecology and behavior, and biodiversity.

Canadian Journal of Animal Science

Canadian Journal of Animal Science contains new research on all aspects of animal agriculture and animal products, such as breeding and genetics, welfare and management, and cellular and molecular biology.

Canadian Journal of Plant Science

Canadian Journal of Plant Science contains research on plant science relevant to the environmental regions of Canadian agriculture, including plant production/management, horticulture, and pest management.

Canadian Journal of Soil Science

Canadian Journal of Soil Science contains research on the use, management, structure and development of soils, and publishes content from the varied disciplines of soil science, from geology to agrometerology.


Candollea, published by the Conservatory and Botanical Garden of the City of Geneva, publishes original scientific papers on the evolution, molecular systematics, morphology-anatomy, nomenclature, taxonomy, or vegetation analyses of plants.

Caribbean Journal of Science

Caribbean Journal of Science is dedicated to publishing research specific to the Caribbean region. The journal focuses on botany, zoology, ecology, conservation biology/management, geology, archaeology, and paleontology.


Castanea began publication in 1936, and publishes work relating to all aspects of botany in the eastern United States. The journal includes scientific papers dealing with basic research in any field of plant biology.

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Cell Stress & Chaperones

Cell Stress & Chaperones publishes multidisciplinary work in the cellular stress response field, containing basic and applied research on cellular stress responses of animals, micro-organisms and plants.

Chelonian Conservation and Biology

Chelonian Conservation and Biology publishes research regarding the conservation and biology of all chelonians, including freshwater turtles, marine turtles, and tortoises.

The Coleopterists Bulletin

The Coleopterists Bulletin was founded in 1947, and publishes a wide variety of articles, notes, and book reviews regarding the biology, taxonomy and ecology of beetles (Coleoptera).

Comparative Parasitology

Comparative Parasitology publishes comparative research on parasitic fauna, emphasizing taxonomy, systematics, ecology, biogeography, evolution, faunal survey, and biological inventory within a morphological and/or molecular context.

Crop and Pasture Science

Crop and Pasture Science publishes strategic and innovative research in crop and pasture sciences and the sustainability of farming systems. Its primary focus is broad-scale cereals, grain legumes, oilseeds, and pastures.

Cryptogamie, Algologie

Cryptogamie, Algologie, published since 1924, is devoted to cryptogams. The journal publishes original papers and review articles on the systematics, biology, and ecology of algae.

Cryptogamie, Bryologie

Cryptogamie, Bryologie, published since 1874, is devoted to cryptogams. The journal publishes original papers and review articles on the systematics, biology, and ecology of bryophytes.

Cryptogamie, Mycologie

Cryptogamie, Mycologie, published since 1936, is devoted to cryptogams. The journal publishes original papers and review articles on the systematics, biology, and ecology of fungi and lichens.

Current Herpetology

Current Herpetology, published by the Herpetological Society of Japan, contains original research articles, short notes, and reviews on the biology and diversity of amphibians and reptiles, and includes work from any and all regions.

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